Why Mo’ana should be your daughter’s feminist icon!


YAY! After finally using my 3 year old nephew as an excuse to go watch Mo’ana, I have finally ruled Mo’ana as THE best feminist icon amongst the Princesses of Disney; and yes, your daughter should look up to her as an aspiring independent woman. “Why?” you may ask, well sit tightly because I’m about to give you at least 5 reasons on why she should be the home-girl to your children.

  1. She decides what her future holds

With her tradition and culture on the line, there were some social obligations that she had to abide to. Although these were something important, she did feel she was made for something different. So without any disrespect, she decided to pursue the dream within her. Your children were made for something great, but the word ‘great’ will mean something different for each kid. As long as they’re doing what makes them happy, they will be doing that ‘great’ thing they were made for.

2. No damsel in distress over here

Instead of the usual, prince saves princess, Mo’ana upped it a notch by saving a demi-god, A DEMI-GOD!! Like hello, who is Prince Charming even? A young girl who was off on an adventure to save her island and culture comes to meet a demi-god low in self-esteem and manages to help him realise his own potential without the acceptance from others.

3. Self-taught canoe sailor

Name me a princess that was able to find a canoe and teach herself how to sail across aggressive oceans with a confused chicken as comfort? Hmm? No one? Well there you go. Your child should be inspired by her initiative. No need for them to wait and learn something they want to learn from someone else, when they themselves can go out into the world and learn it for themselves. Life is like that, so, do it for you kids!!!

4. Never a giver upper

There was a scene where Maui, the demi-god, wanted to give up simply because his magic hook was close to being broken. As she nearly came to giving up herself, the spirit of her grandmother pushed her to continue without the help of a demi-god. A young, female human took on the challenge to fight against the demon of the earth without any help. If her perseverance doesn’t spark something in your child, then shake them a bit, maybe they’re broken.

5. ” I am Moana of Motusi. You will board my boat and restore the heart to Tafiti

Mo’ana had one job, to find Maui, get him on her boat, and save her island; OK, maybe more than one. So on the first instance of meeting Maui, she was on the ball on what she came to do. No faffing about, no distractions, she got to the point. Don’t let your daughter be the passive woman everyone expects her to be. Lets her demand what she wants and get it, within good reason of course.

So ye, these are my reasons on why she beats all the other Princesses of Disney. They’re all pretty and that, but none of them sailed across the ocean, fought coconuts, and calmed a demon all in barefoot. Take your kids to go watch it, yes, both sons and daughters, let them singalong, let them laugh but most importantly, let them board the boat of Mo’ana of Motunui and learn something about restoring their hearts.


Say When-“Laggies”

Chloe Moretz, left, and Keira Knightley in a scene from the motion picture “Laggies.” CREDIT: Barbara Kinney, A24 [Via MerlinFTP Drop]

Sometimes I watch a movie where after it ends it sits on me, like a heavy thought just waiting to be shared. However, I don’t have anyone around me to share that thought with, so here I am with you, my fellow readers.

This here (as seen from the title) is a movie called “Say When“. It’s a romantic comedy good enough for a Sunday evening. Starring Keira Knightley and Chloe Grace Moretz, this movie follows a woman who for so long have let the world decide for her since her senior prom that when her school sweetheart decides to finally pop the question, she decides to run away for a week and stay with a sixteen year old girl who became her friend after buying her and her friend’s some alcohol. Yes, a lady in her late twenties had a sleep over with a sixteen year old girl. It does sound weird, but I don’t want to ruin the film, so I’ll let you see it for yourself.

The main reason for me talking about this film, is because I’m at a stage where the theme of it all was too relatable that I just had to talk about it. In life, we reach a point where we really have to make some hard choices in life, whether it be breaking off a very toxic relationship, finding your purpose in the world or even just to think of what to do that could be really good for you. Growing up it was always stressed to have some sort of “plan”. What will you be doing in five years time Mr.T? And yes, you may have a plan. But as times change, you realise that you too change with it. The version of you now no longer recognises the version of you then, so then the next question is asked, What do I do next? 

It is always unknown.

I guess it’s always good to have a plan, but if you’re someone like me, then having a plan at all might not be your things. Sometimes you just have to go with it. Sometimes it’s not the destination that matters, but the journey. Sometimes it’s tasting all the candy in the candy shop to realise which is your favourite. But this requires patience. It may take a long time for some or it might happen just like that *snaps fingers*, either way, exploring options to find something suited for you is something you might have to consider. I don’t want to be a cliche and say ‘do what makes you happy’, but sometimes, that’s just what you have to consider. What is good for me? What can make ME better? These are the question you have to ask yourself to really find yourself. You may have tried a lot of things and still they’re not working out, well guess what? That just means you’re getting closer to what you’re suppose to be doing. Like box of pick ‘n’ mix, where you eat your way through the nasty candies to finally get to the bottom and see your favourite candy waiting for you to embrace them.

They say life is short, but you are given enough time to see your purpose in this world. Take your time to find it, it’s the only time where being selfish is acceptable in my eyes. Then once you’ve find it, live it to your fullest. Your time will come my friend! Your time will come. So be patient, go explore and experiment, and when it’s all done hi5 yourself when you’ve reached your own destination.