Munroe Bergdorf vs Piers Morgan


Ever since Munroe Bergdorf got pulled out of her L’Oreal contract due to an out-of-context status about the structure of racism, she has received a lot of heat for it. I mean, she states that racism exists and people attack her by telling her to go back to the jungle. It’s like calling someone a murderer and that person comes and provides the evidence to their own crime.

So because of it becoming viral, Bergdorf was given an opportunity to explain her out-of-context Facebook post on Good Morning Britain. Hosted by Susanna Reid and Charlotte Hawkins, it seems that Piers Morgan however, thinks that it is HIS show by “challenging” Bergdorf and speaking over everyone on the panel. It was so infuriating to watch but let me help reiterate Bergdorf’s points.

Her status ran like so:

                  “I don’t have the energy to talk about the racial violence of white people. Most of you refuse to acknowledge your existence, privilege and success as a racist build on the backs, blood and death of people of colour

The first question they then asked was “Do you think ALL white people are racist?”. If you have no idea of the history of, well majority of countries, it would make sense to ask this question as a reply. You automatically criminalise her by making it a personal attack to your whiteness rather than seeing its truth. You cannot say that the foundation of places like Britain and the US was not built on the “backs, blood and death of people of colour”. Go through any history books and it’ll tell you otherwise right there and then.

To ask if racism was created by white people? well that’s also an uncomfortable truth also because no other race dominated the world by enforcing standard of living and human value. Read up on colonialism and imperialism if you’re still confused. Bergdorf tried to clear it up by saying how she’s mainly talking about how people are socialised when it comes to race, as well as how the structure of racism exists where white people lead and the rest follow below; and that’s when Piers Morgan decides to open his ignorant mouth. An attempt at intellectual, verbal heroism without any actual intellect is how I saw it.

Bergdorf understands that not “all” white people are racist, but just because you don’t say racist things doesn’t mean you’re actually an ally. She urges the activism in dismantling racism, so for white people who have all these privileges, they must use that super power well by speaking out and actively take a role in calling it out. If you don’t, then you’re still part of the problem.

I’m a white, straight, male guy, so basically I’m enemy number one“- PM

I’m not even going to further comment on “male guy” but already you can tell that his argument is not based on any evidence but a little tear to his white, straight, male pride.

It’s not about you though“- Bergdorf and everyone else who truly understands the injustice within society.


For a platform to allow someone to voice their point, I’m confused on why Piers Morgan then starts to silence her by continuously talking over her. He says he’s not sexist but if this was a literature class, this would be a perfect moment to point this out as a metaphor FOR SEXISM!!!!!

You are calling all straight, white guys like me a serious offensive, stereotypical labels I find very offensive” – Yes, PM, Again.

I’m just amazed that he was so offended. Who would’ve thought that being called a racist was more offensive than actually experiencing racism. I felt really bad that Bergdorf called him that. Bergdorf may have experienced racist, sexist and transphobic comments, but what are they next to the fragility of straight, white pride?

He then moves on to saying that her comments will cause a divide as if there isn’t one in the first place. Does he think that we as a society all live in unison? I mean, I would so agree but till my ethnicity is not vital information during a job application, then please leave that at the door. Piers Morgan tries to play this brutal honesty who speaks the mind of the public, but in this case he only speaks the mind of those who share similar qualities to alley-ways. You are part of the problem Mr. Morgan, there’s no doubt about it. Till you understand your racial position within society and start using its benefits to help those who don’t share that benefit, rather than silence them, I’m sorry, but again, you are part of the problem.

His denial and constant interruption has now become a clear metaphor for oppression. Oppression within sexism, racism and any other isms and schisms that exist. He even tries to undermine Bergdorf’s knowledge by challenging her to define what “patriarchy” is and pretending that it doesn’t exist. Like, how can he not see that by undermining her knowledge he proves that IT DOES EXIST. “the top 5 most successful people in Britain are women”, ye just because people are no longer slaves doesn’t mean that racism is over!

I could go on to describe how this whole interview frustrates me and how mentality shared with the likes Piers Morgan will never allow us as a society of move forward, but i’m trying to stick to a word count. He refuses to admit that racism is a structure that white people benefit from. He believes that just because racist comments aren’t said out loud it must mean that it doesn’t exist. I don’t know what world he lives but it must be a nice place to live in.

Here are the things you need to take from Bergdorf. RACISM, for all the white people out there, know that your skin colour puts you above majority of people who don’t have the same skin colour as you. It is a superpower in a way, so please use it well. Know your privilege can create an impact within society. So instead of being offended by the truth, try using it so we all end up having the same sort of privilege. We know that not ALL white people are racist, but if you’re not helping dismantle it, I’m sorry, but you are the man who stands and watches a murder and does nothing about it. Don’t be that person, it’s so not cool. Don’t try to justify it by coming up with ridiculous comparisons like Mr. Morgan did because deep down, we know it’s true. Everyone likes to be the hero not the criminal, so don’t deny your position, embrace it and use it to help others along the way.


Watch the video here if you want Piers Morgan to annoy you.




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