Bring It On 2017


As I sit dunking coconut cookies into a nice cold glass of milk at 2am, I start to think of what about this year could I do to better myself? I have plenty of fears about 2017 and just generally being a grown up, but I feel I’m somewhat ready for it? I mean, I’m not 100% sure, but I just have a gut feeling that something about this year will change my life, well I’m hoping that it does!

I know people make resolutions every year, some they keep, some they dabble into now-and-then when they remember, so I’m gonna participate in trying this year. But I’m gonna try be as realistic as possible because a diet or joining a gym is something I know I probably won’t commit to, still, there’s no harm in trying. So, 2017, here are my top 5 promises to you:

  1. Jump More

No, not in the literal sense, but more so in the sense of going for the things I want to do but fear to do. So ‘jump more’, take more risk. Even if I fail, it won’t hurt to say that at least I’ve tried.

2. Stay Connected

This is a promise to old and new friends. That this year, I will try my best to (re)unite with you at some point and do it more often. I noticed I am surrounded by a whole bunch of beautiful people, some I’m only connected to via social media or text. Therefore it is my promise to make a more physical appearance. But it takes two to tango so please, dance with me when you can.

3. Treat Yo’self

Now this is more for me. I need to start doing things more for myself because for some reason I let guilt hold me back from doing whatever I want. So, buy that jacket I feel I don’t deserve mainly because it’s too pricey. Take more dance classes.Enhance a dormant skill. Don’t be afraid to try something different. Enjoy all the little things the world has to offer. I feel people get too busy being concerned about achieving the whole get education-get a good job-be in a relationship goals that they forget to just take time to treat themselves. It’s not selfish to make yourself happy, so here’s to hoping that it opens me up to something new that I can enjoy this year.

4. Petition against Petty & Shine light on Shade.

2016 has got my emotion doing acrobatic skills that I find myself being fabulously bitter at the world. I wasn’t raised to be self-entitled nor feel like the world owes me something, which means no more being a brat and letting the things that hurt as quick as possible. There will be no more space for pettiness and shade, just forgiveness and patience. To those who know me know that this will be hard for me, but 2017 got me feeling positive.


This is left blank for now. This is for all the upcoming resolutions that will pop up during the year. For all the actions that I will take to better myself. For all the efforts I will put in for others; and for the things in the strange and beyond that is coming to change me. I am ready for it all. So 2017, BRING IT ON!!!!

I hope this year will bring something new and life changing for you all, even if it’s scary, don’t worry, we’re all probably experiencing the same sort of feeling. But for now, lets all get ready to take the plunge together. To 2017!!!!! Whooo!!!!


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