My Rules of Attraction


Have you ever had a moment where you find yourself attracted to a person and then you start to question ‘why?’, but you just can’t seem to put your finger on it? Ye, me too. But then at one point it just all clicks with you.I’m gonna share it with you my top 5, from most important to least.

  1. Humour

I know to say this is a bit generic, however I don’t mean humour as in “give me as many jokes you can”, I’m talking about that intellectual humour. That humour where the wit is so good, you go back home still laughing about how clever it all was. I can’t be having any pranksters or those who try too hard for a laugh,no sirree, that’s too tiring for me. I want me some clever wit, well constructed and thought through quick, so good that it provides a laugh that puts me on pause to also enjoy that smile on your face.

2. Manners 

This actually goes hand-in-hand with humour. One thing I detest the most, is bad manners. I cringe at those who do not recognise their own behaviours and ill-manners. I’m not asking you to provide me with good manners, no! I’m asking for kindness and consideration to those around you. If you’re the type to don’t say “please” or “thank you”, then let me teach you by saying “THANK YOU for your interest, but PLEASE invest your time in learning what acceptable behaviour looks like.

3. Love for Family & Friends

I always say, the way a person treats those close to them is how they’ll treat you as a partner. This may not always be true depending on the upbringing I guess. Like, they may have really crappy parents, so it makes sense to have that statement proved otherwise. But I do find it attractive for someone to adore those close to them. To speak kindly of them, appreciate them and at the same time have me be so involved. I’m a family kind of guy, so if you have respect for these things, then hello, the church is down the road, marry me?

4. Passion

This can be for anything. I just find it amazing for someone to have something set and just fight for it. I mean, passion in the bed room yes, but I’d let you explore the whole house if you have a dream you truly love and are working towards it. You cam be passionate about making a difference in the world, you can have a passion about the arts,  you can even have a passion for collecting little collectable items to look good in your living room. If you have something you can’t wait to talk to me about just because you’re just so excited about the whole thing, then I’ll be sitting hear waiting to hear them all whilst counting the twinkles in your eyes.

5. Appreciation of Life

This one here I feel people forget to find in people. Sometimes finding a partner is all about looks, financial and social security, but we miss out on the small things that can make you both better. I die at the sound of people who just constantly complains about the small things: “my day was sh*t, the printer didn’t work… Carlos was talking about his cat again… the tube was way too busy”. These sort of people slowly kill the happiness within me. But if you get me someone who can provide enough positivity for the both of us, then hello Mr.Disney, you can run my world for me. Just think about it, a person who when you’re having a crap day, can come and just lift you up just by absorbing their aura. *inhales deeply* ahhhh.

These are the things I find attractive. It’s usually character based. Looks to me aren’t really important, they’re more of an extra bonus I guess.It’s like a book, don’t matter how pretty the front cover looks, if the story it tells is about as interesting as watching a snail cross the road, then I’m sorry, you won’t see me go pass the introduction. Superficial attraction never lasts long, but fall in love with a good story, then you’re set for life.



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