Why coming out wasn’t easy.

I've never actually spoken about how I came out. As a matter of fact, I still haven't fully come out to everyone. A lot of people knew just simply out of gossip, others knew when I stopped hiding and was just open about it on social media (except Facebook) and some, to this day, still... Continue Reading →


Trademarking my Mother Tongue?

In St Petersburg, Florida, a man named Ross Kashtan, also owner of Bula Kafe,┬áhas decided to trademark the work 'Bula', which has left many Fijians angry at this business decision. For those who do not know where the word Bula comes from, well, to put it simply, it's Fijian. However, it is more than just... Continue Reading →

3 things I learned from ‘BlacKkKlansman’

In Spike Lee's new movie 'BlacKkKlansman', the movie follows an eager black officer, who in attempt to prove himself worthy, goes undercover as a KKK member. Based on a 'true story', inspired by Ron Stallworth's memoir 'Black Klansman', Stallworth fools KKK leader, David Duke, into thinking he's a white man who is all up for... Continue Reading →

Dear White People,

Why navigating your white comfort through racism is getting tiring... Recently I posted an article about this white woman telling her experience of being married to a Fijian person and how him and his son have experienced a disgustingly large amount of racist hate crimes. In the midst of me sharing this post, I attached... Continue Reading →

Return me visible…

As a child I dreamt of having super powers, My steps sprung fast as I zoomed passed the underlying truth within, not knowing that who I was, was someone great, but they told me otherwise. As I grew, I noticed my power beginning to form. Their whispers about the softness of my touch, Their gossip... Continue Reading →

Follow Rules or Follow Passion?

A couple of Sundays back, there was a small meeting with the young people of the church. I think the aim was to inspire each other, to celebrate each other's achievement in order inspire those "following our footsteps". It was a great idea simply because it brought together a small community of Fijian youths who... Continue Reading →

Munroe Bergdorf vs Piers Morgan

Ever since Munroe Bergdorf got pulled out of her L'Oreal contract due to an out-of-context status about the structure of racism, she has received a lot of heat for it. I mean, she states that racism exists and people attack her by telling her to go back to the jungle. It's like calling someone a... Continue Reading →

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